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Divestments & Acquisitions
Joint Ventures

Divesting a company requires careful planning and execution.  We assess the exit alternatives, the potential value, the relevant potential buyers and the transaction structure. We design and manage the process to get strong competition amongst potential buyers with low execution risk.  

Acquiring a company. We ensure how best to approach and understand ‘the other side’ and outsmart competitors. We value, coordinate with other advisers, prepare tactics and negotiate all transaction aspects.

Join Ventures are complicated structures. We have unparalled experience in structuring JVs.

Capital Structuring

We structure the balance sheet with the best and most robust equity and debt instruments.


Based on solid experience from industrial companies and financial institutions. We assess financing structure and capacity, we  design the debt/equity structure and provide advanced financial modelling. 


We negotiate with banks and coordinate to ensure effective documentation.

Equities & Bonds

We arrange equity and bond issues - listed and privately placed. We have strong experience from IPOs and ‘reverse take-overs’. We have transacted on major stock exchanges, including the London Stock Exchange.

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